The Downing House
311 South Main Memphis, Missouri

This stately 14 room brick mansion was designed by Thomas Broadwater and owned by William and Mary Downing. After their deaths, the property changed hands several times and at one time was known as the Park Hotel. The Scotland County Historical Society purchased the mansion on September 1, 1978 and it is now a museum. All furnishings have been donated or loaned. The museum is supported solely by donations.

Ella Ewing was a customer in the Park Hotel. The Ella Ewing room contains many items that belonged to her, including her iron bed, piano stool, chair, shoe (size 24), screen door from her house, photographs, jewelry, glove (size 14), and the glove of Peter the Small, the midget she exhibited with.

If you would like to support the museum, please send donations to the The Downing House, 311 South Main, Memphis, Missouri.

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